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Combat medic

This is what a Combat medic should do.


America's Army players have the option of participating in virtual medical training classes that teach them vital real-world lifesaving skills. In order to be qualified as an America's Army Medic, players must pass 4 separate training courses at the virtual Brook Army Medical Center.

These courses are the Airway Management class in which players learn how to administer medical attention to casualties that are not breathing; the Controlling Bleeding course that teaches how to treat wounded Soldiers and control blood loss; a Treating Shock class for learning how to treat casualties who are in shock; and the final course, the Field Test in which players must put their new skills to work under the same conditions they will experience in the game.

Those individuals who successfully complete medical training will be able to assume the role of a Combat Medic. As a Combat Medic, players can earn extra points and contribute to their team's success by administering medical aid to injured team members.


Fire mode: semi auto/3 round burst
Effective range: 520m
Reload time:4.9 secondes
Ammo:5.56 mm ball
Magazine capacity: 30 rounds
weight:8.79 ibs. (loaded)


The M16A2 is the standard issue rifle for the United States Army. Lightweight, durable, and always dependable, the M16A2 can fire either semi-automatic (single-shot) or 3-round bursts.

Become proficient with the M16A2. It is your most versatile weapon, able to engage targets at range and in close-quarters battle. As a general rule, select single-shot mode when attacking at range. However, when you are going to be up close and personal, such as in urban operations, switch to burst mode.


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