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Squad leader

This is what a Squad leader should do


US Army soldiers work as a member of a squad. Squads are lead by the Squad leader, who has the rank of Staff Sergeant (SSG). Armed with the same weapons as a rifleman, he is fast and maneuverable. Additionally all SSGs are equipped with binoculars. SSGs also can use the squad radio to issue commands.

Your primary responsibility is leadership in combat, requiring competence, character and skill. Squad Leaders take charge by synchronizing the efforts of their fire teams. Armed with the M16A2 rifle or M4/M4A1 carbine, the Squad/Team Leader accepts overall responsibility for the success or failure of accomplishing the mission.


Fire Modes: semi/auto
Effective Range: 500 m
Rate of Fire: 700-900 rpm
Reload Time: 4.9 seconds
Ammo: 5.56 mm ball
Magazine Capacity: 20 rounds
Weight: 7.19 lbs. (loaded)

The M4A1 is a shortened variant of the M16A2 rifle, yet it packs the same firepower. Ideal for close-quarters combat, the M4A1 is the perfect combination of firepower and compactness. The M4A1 functions almost exactly like the M16A2. The only real difference is a reduction in accuracy due to the shorter barrel.

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