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Auto rifleman

This is what a auto. rifleman should do.


Armed with the M249 SAW, the automatic rifleman combines awesome firepower with quick maneuverability. The automatic rifleman is essential in providing overwhelming volumes of suppressive fire from medium to long range. No fire team is complete without the Automatic Rifleman.

The Automatic Rifleman provides a fire team with a belt-fed machine gun. The M249s high rate of fire, and large ammunition capacity gives a squad/fire team a weapon that maintains a consistent rate of fire to provide cover for the unit. However, this weapon has its drawbacks, particularly weight. Due to this, the automatic rifleman is the slowest among the classes available on AAO.


Fire Modes: Full-Auto
Effective Range: 300 - 1,000 m
Rate of Fire: 850 rpm
Reload Time: 9.9 seconds
Ammo: 5.56 mm ball
Magazine Capacity: 200 rounds
Weight: 15.16 lbs.

The M249 SAW is a support weapon. It is extremely innacurate when fired from a standing, unsupported stance. It is meant to be used while prone and with the bipod support. Use the SAW to provide cover fire for your fire team as they advance toward the objective.

With its volume of fire, the M249 will help keep the enemy's head down, allowing your riflemen to get in closer before engaging. For close-quarters battle situations, a SAW gunner should crouch for increased accuracy while advancing and continue to support the riflemen in the fire team. The M249 is meant to be fired in long bursts.

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